Jainism is an ancient religion originating in India with a strong emphasis on non-violence. Tamil is a classical language that originated in the southern part of India (now Tamilnadu). Not many are aware, that these two entities share an interesting and a long history. This website will focus primarily on this interesting intersection namely Jainism in Tamilnadu.

I am Padmaraj Ramasamy, State bank of India (Retd), Mannargudi. The valid reasons to travel the spot and write a document about the places indicated in the travelogue,named as RPRtravelogue ie in the name of my loved grandsons of Rishabh Prajeet Roshan travelogue.

Since 1996, Jainworld has been the most comprehensive and popular website on Jainism. This has been the result of tireless efforts and dedication by 500+ people from all walks of life and diverse belief systems representing different nationalities across the globe.

Dr. Mrs Manju Jain is a Spiritual Healer working on the Jaina Method of Curing. Her spiritual healing revolves around the philosophy, “Where faith in God is an Essential element”. Her spiritual inclination and immense faith in her spiritual healing has cured incurable diseases – defying logic & science.

JAINA is the Federation of Jain Associations in North America, an umbrella organization that preserves and shares Jain Dharma and the Jain Way of Life. JAINA was started with the blessings from Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanuji and Acharya Shri Sushil Kumarji. It was initiated at the first Jain Convention held in Los Angeles in 1981 and formalized at the second Jain Convention in New York in 1983. intends to provide information on Jain Temples, Latest Events, Temple Pictures, Route Map and Contact Info of all Jain Temples under Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt, Melsithamur. Do visit Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt to know of Mutt History, Mutt Activities, Swamiji and Jina Kanchi Jain Temples. We are trying our best to publish information of as many temples as possible. Below are a few temples for which some information has been provided, while we are working on the remaining ones. If you have any information on the Events, History, Route, Photos or Contact of your village temple or any other temple please send us so that we could publish it here. Also, do not hesitate to let us know if any existing details needs to be modified.

JITO is a worldwide organisation of businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers and professionals reflecting the glory of ethical business practices. Jain International Trade Organization It is a global organisation set to achieve socio-economic empowerment, value based education, community welfare, practice of compassion, spread of global friendship and spiritual upliftment of fellow beings. To become a united force as contributor, collaborator and co-workers for its objectives. Through mutual interactions, JITO wishes to establish a network to plan, strategize and open avenues to solve issues related to trade and industry.