Jain Youth Forum established during the 2500th Parinirvana year of Lord Mahaveera in the year 1974. From that auspicious year the Jain youth forum – dedicated to the task of propagation of Ahimsa and high lighting Jaina heritage of Tamil Community, contribution to Tamil literature exposure of epigraphical treasures, and momuments; Social and Socialogical background of Tamil Jain Community. In the Course of implementation of our objectives with the profound and dedicated help from our patrons and readers,


We have established the following:
  • A Bilingual Monthly Mukkudai from June 1974
  • Periodical meeting and endownment lectures
  • Distribution of Scholerships and prizes for School and College Students
  • Bringingout publications both in Tamil and English that high light the Jain contribution to language history, culture, arts and architecture and philosophy. So far 91 publication have been released.
  • Audio and Video Cassettes for Marga prabavana
  • Represented Tamil Jain Community and presented memoranda to both state and central Govt., Commissions.
    We eagarly and hopefully look forward for your earnest and able financial assistance and forl encouragement our efforts in the service of Tamil Jain Community.

Tamil Jains

Once spread throughout Tamilnadu Jainism is the oldest living religion of Tamilnadu; It was a popular religion of the masses ( very much attested by inscriptions,literature, monuments, relics,paintings and adoption of its philosophy & thought ).Jainism played a vital role in molding the culture , art of Tamil people;Jainism left indelible mark on the thought and life of Tamil people;Jainism’s contributions in the sphere of language, literature, art, architecture, paintings, education, medicine, charity, social service, etc., have no parallel in the history of any country